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Heathy Lifestyle

Good Energy Effervescent Tablets


Each Bottle contains 15 tablets

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Tired of being tired? Good Energy is the energy boost supplement you need daily to propel you through your lifestyle, now in easy, dissolvable effervescent tablets. If you frequently feel tired, struggle on your mental tasks and just need that extra kick to stay energised – then pop a single energy effervescent tablet into a glass of water, watch it fizz and dissolve, and then enjoy. It’s not long before you feel energised, thanks to the huge combination of essential vitamins and minerals per dissolvable tablet, flushing your body with the goodness it needs. Flavoured refreshingly with zesty lemon, this energy boost supplement will be your daily go-to for everyday wellness and energy sparks.

Benefits Of Effervescent Tablets
  • Distributed More Evenly: Conventional tablets dissolve gradually in the stomach once ingested and can sometimes only partially dissolve which can lead to irritation in some cases. This means not only a better taste but also less chance of irritation and a more efficient means of ingesting the ingredients.
  • Increased Liquid Intake: Effervescent tablets provide the nutritional benefits intended, but in addition to this they also increase liquid intake. This can be especially beneficial if you are dehydrated or ill and not ingesting as much fluid as usual.
  • Easy Alternative to Regular Tablets: They can be a great alternative for those who may have trouble swallowing.
  • Pleasant Taste and Convenient: Pop the tablet into water, watch it dissolve and drink!

Each Bottle contains 15 tablets


3 Pack


The Good Vitamin Co

The Good Vitamin Co. has researched and developed a unique soft chew vitamin range that we believe will benefit kids and adults health, and wellness! Soft chew range is Halal certified, gluten-free, and contains no harmful allergens such as dairy, egg, or nuts. The formulas are non-sugar coated and have no artificial colours or flavours.


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