EHP Labs Aqua Collagen Protein + Hydration (Trio)



EHP labs Aqua Collagen

  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Peptides – Collagen peptides type 1 and 3, are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine.
  • Aqua Collagen is great For Skin, Nails, Hair, Joints & Bones – Provides the proteins & amino acids necessary to support & promote skin elasticity and firmness, accelerate nail growth, strengthen hair, lubricate your joints, prevent bone breakdown, and increase bone density.
  • Natural Coconut Water – Full of electrolytes to keep you hydrated.
  • Protein – 10 grams of protein per (1 scoop) serving, increase your protein intake as you hydrate yourself.
  • Mix With Water – Surpass your daily water goals with our delicious, natural, and fruity flavors as you hydrate and fuel your body with the benefits of electrolytes, protein, and collagen.

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Flavour 1

Fijian Pineapple, Raspberry Refresh, Watermelon Wow

Flavour 2

Fijian Pineapple, Raspberry Refresh, Watermelon Wow

Flavour 3

Fijian Pineapple, Raspberry Refresh, Watermelon Wow



EHP Labs is a global sports supplement brand founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is dedicated to researching and formulating the highest quality and most efficacious products in the fitness industry.The primary objective for EHP Labs is to assist people with their health & fitness goals and to maximize their physical performance and recovery.Globally renowned for its flagship product, OxyShred, EHP Labs has assisted millions of people to achieve their weight loss and overall health and fitness goals in the past 8 years.


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