EHP Labs Essential Weightloss Stack

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EHP Labs Essential Weightloss Stack

1 EHP Labs OxyShred 60 serves/1 EHPLabs Oxy Whey 900G (2LB)/1 EHP Labs OxyGreens 30 Serves

EHP Labs OxyGreens – Daily Super Greens

We created OxyGreens to be the MOST DELICIOUS natural, super greens on the market, enhanced with alkalizing forest berries and wholefood prebiotic fiber.

Mix 1 scoop (7.7g) with 350ml (12 fl oz) of cold water in a shaker and consume immediately.

EHP Labs OxyShred – Ultra Concentration – Thermogenic Fatburner

OxyShred is a highly advanced and extremely powerful thermogenic fat burner, it stimulates your body’s fat receptor cells and boosts your metabolism to promote an increased level of fat burning, along with curbing your appetite, and limiting calorie absorption, boosting immunity, providing a natural boost of energy.

EHP Labs OxyWhey

Essentially a lean protein formula designed to increase metabolic rate and aid in fat loss while being gluten-free and a low 100 Calories per Serving.

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OxyShred Flavour

Appletini (Non Stim), Cali Cola(Hardcore), Cosmic Blast, Ghostbuster Ecto-Freeze, Ghostbuster Frosty Big Apple, Ghostbuster Proton Plasma, Ghostbuster Slimmer, Grape Bubblegum (Hardcore), Guava Paradise, Gummy Snake, Honey Dew Melon (Non Stim), Juicy Watermelon, Kiss My Peach (Non Stim), Kiwi Strawberrry, Lemon Sherbet (Hardcore), Mandrin Twist, Mojito(Non-Stim), Passionfruit, Peach Candy Ring, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry Kisses(Non Stim), Raspberry Refersh, Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Sunrise (Non Stim)

OxyWhey Flavour

Choc Caramello, Delicious Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Ice Cream

OxyGreens Flavour

Forest Berries, Ghostbuster Proton Plasma, Ghostbuster Slimmer, Guava Paradise, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Strawberry Margarita



EHP Labs is a global sports supplement brand founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is dedicated to researching and formulating the highest quality and most efficacious products in the fitness industry.The primary objective for EHP Labs is to assist people with their health & fitness goals and to maximize their physical performance and recovery.Globally renowned for its flagship product, OxyShred, EHP Labs has assisted millions of people to achieve their weight loss and overall health and fitness goals in the past 8 years.

6 reviews for EHP Labs Essential Weightloss Stack

  1. Harper Taylor (verified owner)

    Finally found a supplement that works wonders for my joint health.

  2. Noah Thompson (verified owner)

    This supplement has saved me from countless sick days.

  3. Matilda Singh (verified owner)

    My joints feel more fluid and flexible thanks to this supplement.

  4. William Taylor (verified owner)

    This supplement has become a staple in my daily routine.

  5. Jackson Brown (verified owner)

    Noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture and tone.

  6. Grace Wilson (verified owner)

    Digestive discomfort? Not anymore, thanks to this supplement.

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