As the proverb goes, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, the importance of a healthy breakfast is way above any meals of the day. This blog will not list down what to eat for breakfast but will emphasize on why to eat it.

Life for today’s generation has become a humdrum affair. We are rather busy focusing on our careers than our health. The latter is undoubtedly important in this competitive world, but health cannot be put at stake either. Just like hard work today secures our tomorrow, a healthy diet today lets you live that tomorrow.

In the throes of the daily grind, we often forget to have a peaceful breakfast, or probably we end up skipping it. As the name implies, breakfast breaks the overnight long fasting. The glucose body is really low early morning and the only means to boost is by having a healthy nutritious breakfast within an hour of waking up.

When you eat your breakfast, you ramp up your metabolism which, in turn, supports healthy weight maintenance. Many of us are under the misconception about losing weight by skipping breakfast. But on the contrary, we end up gaining it. The reason is quite simple, lunch or dinner makes up for the calorie deficit relate to not having had breakfast. Some theories suggest that skipping breakfast and overeating throughout the day means you consume the most calories during the most sedentary parts of the day.

Metabolism can be another cause of concern if you starve for long hours. The human body tends to have a slower metabolism early in the morning. Missing breakfast reduce the body’s overall willingness to burn the calories throughout the day

Moving on to the health issues, heart disease is one of the major problems arising due to skipping of breakfast, the other being diabetes. Remaining in a fasting stage makes a body weak, and stressed and makes it works harder thus the heart being more prone to diseases. Dropping of sugar level is no good news either and as we tend to overeat our lunch due to the missed morning meal, our blood sugar level fluctuates. To sum up the repercussion, we have insulin intolerance which turns into diabetes at a later stage. Studies do say that diabetes is hereditary,  but we can always delay the occurrence with a healthy lifestyle, breakfast being paramount.

The list of the pros of having breakfast and cons of not having breakfast is unending. From energized mornings to dipping energies, from a happy face to a grumpy face, irritation, anger, and headaches are a few of the many effects caused when you skip the most important meal of your day. Please note that our priority is not about having breakfast alone, but it’s about having a wholesome, balanced, and healthy breakfast. Let’s conclude by mentioning another proverb that focuses on the importance of the subject once again, ‘Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with friends and give your dinner to your enemy.

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