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Goli Gummies
Must Try Yummy Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

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Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.

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Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are a great tasting, healthy alternative to taking traditional apple cider vinegar. These gummies are tasty and are an easy way to get the many benefits of ACV products to have. Without a sharp, unpleasant taste! Goli ACV Gummies are made to help you reach your nutritional goals while making it enjoyable at the same time. Goli products are made with the best organic, gluten-free ingredients, and are now enjoyed by many people all across NZ!


  • Can improve digestion
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Increase satiety and helps people lose weight
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood sugar levels


Apple cider vinegar is made from ferment apple juice and has been used in cooking products and natural medicines. It has long been a staple in kitchens for its distinct taste, being added to sauces, marinades, and salad dressings. Because of its health benefits, it has been used historically to remedy infections, open wounds, and a variety of illnesses. In stores and supermarkets, it is often seen labeled as ‘filtered’ (a clear liquid), or ‘un-filtered – the latter containing something known as the ‘mother’. Which means there are protein, friendly bacteria and enzymes present, and gives this type of vinegar a cloudy appearance.

It is made by crushing apples, then squeezing out the juice. Bacteria and yeast are then added to the liquid to start the alcoholic fermentation process. Which converts the sugars to alcohol. In the second fermentation step, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid. Which with malic acid, combine to give it its sour taste.


Gummies are a new way to utilize the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Goli uses natural ingredients such as real apples, beetroot, pomegranate, Vitamin B12, citric acid, and Vitamin B9.  It infuses their flavors and properties to create yummy gummies that are free of the strong vinegar taste.

Goli Gummies do not contain any wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, dairy, gelatin, or artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, shellfish, peanuts, or preservatives. This makes them an ideal supplement for people with vegan or plant-based diets and people with lactose or dairy sensitivities. Gummies have become the go-to products for busy people that enjoy the ease of simple supplements. Goli has also ensured that they taste great so that the polarising taste of ACV doesn’t put people off wanting to enjoy all the nutritional benefits it has to offer. Many traditional liquid forms can be up to 94% water. Goli uses an undiluted formula so that just two of the gummies from Goli, is equivalent to one tablespoon of traditional apple cider vinegar, with all the same pluses.


Apple cider vinegar has many helpful health properties including antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. It is also naturally acidic, this means it could help improve the skin and prevent infections. Evidence suggests that it may offer health benefits like aiding weight loss, reducing cholesterol.

Goli has added great ingredients like real apples, that include the ‘mother’ which is a great source of prebiotics, as well as beetroots that are a great fiber source, Vitamin B12. Which prevents fatigue and exhaustion, citric acid which is great for producing energy that keeps you active and healthy. Vitamin B9 (also called folate or folic acid), is one of eight B vitamins and plays an important role in human growth and development.

Goli is committed to being a healthy brand, which is why they do not use artificial sweeteners or alcohols in their products, instead, they use a low amount of organic cane sugar to help mask the taste of vinegar.

In order to make these gummies vegan, Goli has decided not to use gelatin, which is traditionally used in gummy foods. Instead Goli uses Pectin, which is made from orange peel.

Goli has taken all the benefits of apple cider vinegar and made them more easily accessible and tasty to ingest with one simple gummy. Apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity, by helping your body move more glucose out of your bloodstream and into your cells, therefore lowering blood sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar can help improve digestion by increasing the acidity in your stomach, which helps your body create pepsin, which is what breaks down protein, many people take apple cider vinegar before eating protein-heavy meals because of this.

Goli offers the same benefits as traditional apple vinegar. This includes helping to curb appetite and helping to manage weight, as vinegar can help increase feelings of fullness, resulting in less food eaten throughout the day. Scientific studies have found that people who consumed apple cider vinegar experienced greater loss of weight than those who did not. It is also known to be a great detoxifying agent. Reducing or eliminating sugar and processed foods from your diet can be hard, and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables is not always as easy as it looks. The ingredients in a gummy from Goli works in the body to help combat the toxins you eat by increasing the good bacteria in your gut.

It is recommended that adults take between 2 to 6 gummies per day and children should take 1.

They can be taken at any time of the day that suits you best.

These can be handy to take first thing in the morning for a boost of energy.

They can be taken before or during a meal to help curb your appetite, and even after to aid with digestion.

They are also a great, healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet-tooth as opposed to reaching for a regular sweet treat.


Goli Nutrtion

Goli Nutrition

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